Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colonial Carriage Showroom Redux

Here is one of the most enjoyable projects that we have ever had the opportunity to complete. I have here a couple of before and after shots for you. You will be seeing much more of this project over time on this site.

We purchased the former Bobbie G’s bowling alley in June of 2007. It had been used as a bowling alley business for close to fifty years. The photo above was taken of the bar and entry area shortly after we closed on the property. The bump out in the corner were the rest rooms.

This was the bar area. The typical scenario with drop ceilings and paneling on the walls. My husband Todd and I teamed up as he did the architectural and construction management of the renovations. As he did that I pulled together creative design elements along with the interior finishes, lighting, colors and fixtures with management through their completion. Click on photos to enlarge.

Here is the same space today. This project was a blend of historic industrial with contemporary new features. I love to work in those venues. The classic features of an old building such as this just come alive when paired with modern attributes. We chose to use corrugated steel siding in a number of areas in this project. It’s texture and reflective qualities are really eye catching especially in combination with brick.

The floors were newly poured concrete and the overhead doors serve as a room divider between warm and cold display spaces. Watch for much more about this project. We had an extremely tight schedule. The building is about 8,500 square feet and we completed the renovations start to finish in two months. It was a fast and furious project. There were days that made our heads spin trying to stay ahead of everyone involved but the final results were outstanding.

Live Creatively!
Cheryl Frey

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