Tuesday, September 22, 2009

152 West James Street

Welcome! One of many passions for me is interior design. Much of my interior work over the years has been on our own properties. My first example is such a property. We purchased this building a number of years ago with the intention of using it as a showroom space for our carriage business.

152 West James did fit that use for approximately three years. In 2007 we expanded our carriage showroom into our current location just around the corner on Dickason Boulevard.

When we purchased this historic building in Downtown Columbus it was showing some age and had fallen victim to some modernization. At least on the lower level as you can see in the photo. This is a before shot of the facade.

After renovations were completed we selected traditional historic colors for the exterior treatments. Please click on any photo to enlarge.

The interior of the lower level had been used for a variety of retail business operations. Most recently as the local St. Vincent DePaul store. Carpet of orange shag blanketed the floor. Circa 1970 wood paneling covered the walls and the original wainscot ceiling was covered by a contemporary 2x4 suspended ceiling. So the first project at hand was removal of all of those materials. Once we were down to the original core of the interior it was quite intact. The original hardwood floors were refinished, plaster walls and original ceilings were repaired and painted in contrast.

The second floor had not been touched and looked much like it was originally intended. It was designed to be a meeting hall but had been used for storage in the most recent years. We loved this space as it was open, intact and grand. The ceilings on this level were also wood wainscot and in excellent condition. Being a meeting hall the space had never been inhabited and was not finished as such. So we took the main meeting room and created an open concept great room, kitchen and dining area.

The front rooms had a very traditional feel with all of the original woodwork, transoms and hardwood floors all intact. We left most everything in place and complemented it with much needed paint of historic colors. The lighting was updated and floors refinished.

I enjoy incorporating unique textures into our projects. In the forefront the bar top was constructed of maple and polished steel. The interior of the entertainment center straight ahead was lined in galvanized steel siding. Finding unique ways to blend modern style in historic surroundings is one of my most interesting challenges.

Please contact me if you are looking for a change of pace with your interior spaces either commercial or residential.

Live Creatively!
Cheryl Frey

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