Tuesday, September 29, 2009

134 North Dickason Boulevard

The Colonial Carriage Works showroom project consisted of two buildings. 134 & 140 North Dickason Boulevard. The building 140 being the larger of the two was used for the bowling lanes and bar. The space located at 134 North Dickason was divided into a number of rooms used for parties, pro shop, and storage.

Today I am focused on the 134 building. It was the smaller of the two consisting of about 2,500 square feet on one level. This is a shot of the rear storage area prior to the start of construction.

This is the other side of the storage room. As you can see this space was a bit on the rough side.

This room was located in the center of the building as was used as the pro shop. There were three distinct divided areas in the 134 building with three different floor elevations to deal with. Once we gutted the space one of our first jobs was pouring a new concrete floor throughout the entire space.

We literally gutted the building. All that remained was the original masonry and roof structure along with the patchwork of concrete that made up the floor.

The front of the building was completely opened. I will show details of the exterior of the project in an upcoming post. At this point we sandblasted the walls to expose the historic brick masonry which we wanted to be the predominant wall finish throughout the building.

This is the rear corner of the 134 building. The existing floor was removed in this corner to rough in plumbing for the new rest rooms.

Here we have jumped ahead several weeks. Well in reality probably not all that many as this renovation lasted eight weeks start to finish. The room built out on the left is Todd’s new office. The rooms built out on the right are a new men’s and ladies rest rooms. I selected three colors for this building interior plus the ceiling. The wall and trim colors consisted of two shades of brown along with a dark burnt red accent. Click photos to enlarge.

And here we have the 134 building completed as it is being used today. The new concrete floor now in place works perfectly for our use. I incorporated substantial amounts of metallic surfaces to reflect light and add a contemporary feel. The majority of the lighting in the building is track with a row of traditional industrial fixtures down the center. I loved that lighting fixture as they were of a large enough scale to fit the space and in the silver tone blended with the contemporary elements.

It works perfectly as a display space for our carriage business. Our actual walk in traffic is really pretty light but most people that visit are customers so it is important to us to display out product in it’s best light. Watch for more details about this project in postings to come.

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Cheryl Frey

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